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Residential Window Cleaning Solutions in Basingstoke

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Are you seeking a more unobstructed view through your windows in Basingstoke, Hampshire? Crusade Cleaning Services offers top-tier residential window cleaning solutions, encompassing extension and conservatory window cleaning. We strive to deliver cost-effective rates while prioritizing your requirements. Explore our pricing details below and contact us today to secure our services.


When you opt for Crusade Cleaning Services, we are committed to minimizing any interference with your daily schedule. Utilizing a secure, extendable system that grants us access to windows as high as 65 feet, we perform ground-level cleaning that covers all aspects of your windows, including frames, windowsills, and both front and back door windows. Additionally, our cleaning services rely on purified water, guaranteeing that your windows will air dry without leaving streaks or blemishes.


Restore the appearance of your conservatory with the expertise of our seasoned cleaning professionals. Whether you’re hosting guests or unwinding in the summer, your conservatory should serve as a source of pride in your residence. Through our specialized conservatory window cleaning services, we effectively eliminate any accumulated dust, debris, and algae, ensuring your roof and windows remain pristine and immaculate.

Commercial Cleaning

We provide outstanding service to our commercial clientele, and prior to commencing any work, we conduct a thorough site visit, offering both a quotation and a comprehensive risk assessment. Our services extend to various types of establishments, including but not limited to offices, retail shops, restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, police stations, sports clubs, care homes, pubs, and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today; we are eager to assist you.


If your property is larger than what you see here, please contact us for an accurate quote.

Please note If your property has an unusual design and is very large, we would carry out a visit to your property and provide a no-obligations quote.

Want to Clean Your Windows?

Our skilled team offers a range of residential window cleaning services, which also encompass conservatory window cleaning.

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